Welcome to Mr. Marwitz's Phy. Ed. and Drivers Ed. Page
Welcome to Mr. Marwitz's Physical Education and Driver Education home page. Here, you can view our fitness records, photos from different activities in class, and a schedule of activities for our various PE classes. My daily schedule is also available. Feel free to contact me at the listed phone number or e-mail. 

(320) 584-4233
Lifetime Recreation
This class gives students to participate in activities they can be involved with for a lifetime, including: biking, badminton, golf, in-line skating, archery, disc golf, table tennis, circuit training and more.
Advanced Weight Training
Advanced Weight Training & Conditioning This course is designed primarily for athletes, who are going to work at improving their strength and conditioning to help their performance on the court or field. The workouts designed for this class have been built for this purpose and been proven to do so.
Drivers Education
This course is offered for one quarter and will be in-class for 30 hours of classroom instruction. The course will focus on the state laws and regulations. In addition, topics such as defensive driving, decision making and safety will be covered. Once students pass the classroom instruction portion, they will be given their completion cards to take their written permit test at the DMV.