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My Husband and I at our 1st Twins Game as a Married Couple.
I am excited for this upcoming school year; we are going to have so much fun in science.

Project Lead the Way- Human Body Systems (HBS)- This is an extremely fun and engaging class to be a part of. It is a fast pace hands on class that introduces the students to how the human body works. In this class they will study the different body systems and how they are interconnected.

Biology- This course will have principles of Biomedical Science embedded into it this school year. This course will provide students will general knowledge of the Biology. We will be working through cells, genetics, evolution, ecology, bacteria and viruses and natural resources. We will be using chrome books outside of the class day to utilize class time for labs and hands on learning activities. 

Ecology- This class will be mostly project based and student oriented. We will be exploring the principles of Ecology. We will focus on the levels of organization, effects humans have on the ecosystems, climate change, extinctions, carrying capactiyt and natural resources.  “Key to the future is learning from our past” 

In all of my classes we use Google Classroom for reminders, assignments, and directions. For a quick look the calendars are located under the class calendar tab on this website or you can ask your student to log in and show you for the full google classroom website for more detail. 

"Imagination is more important than knowledge and anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." Albert Einstein

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