Welcome to the 2017-18 school year. What an exciting time for students to be involved in Technology Education classes! Our middle school Gateway classes are now a solid standard for students to progress into a variety of S.T.E.M. ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) experiences. Our upper level classes support our students ambitions to progress into future career exploration. As a project Lead the Way instructor I teach an I.E.D. (introduction to engineering design) class which will give students essential skills to pursue future engineering and technical occupations. With the way our world is changing, it is essential for our students to have the best learning opportunities available to them.
Use the links below to access Google classrooms for Technology  Education courses.
Gateways 8      r8skyn
Inventor CAD    1d4xln
Cabinetry         yrcjv74
Imagine 101      6y7j5n

Contact: Marty Bratsch