May Student of the Month is Janeille Schaubhut.......Congratulations!

Janeille Schaubhut, daughter of Greg and Jenene Schaubhut, was named the May Student of the Month by the faculty of Royalton High School (RHS).
Janeille’s siblings are Jayne Schaubhut, Jenni Johanix, and Geoff Schaubhut that live in Washington, Minnesota, and Vermont. This means that I am fortunate to have traveled a bunch in order to visit my siblings. I am also an aunt to three amazing boys, Ivan, Wyatt, and Theodore. Family is a big part of my life especially since it takes so much dedication to stay in touch. Janeille’s favorite class is 
Chemistry  because the lab work is hands on and this allows me to utilize my learning type. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Marty Bratsch who is also my Y.E.S. Club coach. He has mentored me in my college and career decisions. Our recent trip to Italy has made it evident to me how much he cares for the wellbeing of my future and I am grateful for all of the time he has set aside to help me realize my path in life. Mr. Bratsch also states that Janielle is well deserving of this honor. She has consistently been an excellent student her whole career at our school. She has been heavily involved in volunteer work both in and outside of school. She has chosen a career tied to environmental concerns which shows her desire to make the world a better place. Many people don't realize all the things Janeille does for her school and community, because she never draws attention to herself. What a humble leader. Thank you Janeille for all you do without looking for recognition - you are truly an inspiration. Mrs. Melanie Cimenski states that “ Janeille is a very dedicated and organized young lady! This spring she has taken on the difficult task of Student Director as well as a role in the demanding Sr. High play, Pride and Prejudice. It is challenging being both director and actor simultaneously, but Janeille performs and performs her duties as Student Director with skill and composure! I feel very confident with Janeille as my assistant; she is most reliable! The show would be quite sunk without her”. 
Janeille is actively involved in National Honors Society, Band, Drama, One Act, FFA, Spanish Club, We Day, Student Council, Youth Energy Summit (Y.E.S.), Green Fair Planning, Spirit Choir, Youth Group, Mass Server, and non-voting board member for the Friends of Crane Meadows.
Janeille’s favorite memory is her trip she recently took to Italy. The connections she made with people that went on the trip and the Italians were amazing. The people made the experience of seeing an entirely new way of living life more approachable. I will definitely return to Italy and embark on other trips because of the positive experience she had this year.
After graduating, she plans on attending the University of Minnesota, Morris for a degree in Environmental Science.  She sees herself in ten years in a management position within a company that promotes positive environmental habits. She also believes that she will be married with kids at that point in her life. She also hopes to travel and show her children different ways of life from around the world. If she had to give advice to freshmen students, it would be “to keep their grades up, but to also focus on their activities, family, and friends. It is more important to build strong relationships and find out what you really like at a young age because that is what will get you through your high school career and as far as I am concerned it will help you all your life. The people you surround yourself with will be your support as you make tough decisions about future colleges, and careers. Enjoy being young and stop stressing over schoolwork”.